PIC Simulator IDE Limited Support Info

Some of the microcontroller models in the latest IDE release have limited support. They are clearly marked in the software.
The list of limitations in the basic compiler module:
- AllDigital statement not supported
- Adcin statement not supported
- Read, Write statements not supported
- Hseropen, Hserout, Hserin, Hserget statements not supported
- Count statement not supported
- PWMon, PWMduty, PWMoff statements not supported
(ALL THE OTHER basic compiler elements are FULLY SUPPORTED!
The missing high level functionality can be accomplished by using the procedures and functions and low-level access to the appropriate SFRs.
The list of simulated peripherals in the simulation module for models with limited support:
- Digital I/O
(The list of all currently simulated peripherals for the fully supported models can be found at the end of the Help Topics file.)
The microcontroller models currently limitedly supported, will be fully supported in one of the future IDE releases.