OshonSoft.com 10th Anniversary
10th Anniversary of the existence of the OSHON SOFTWARE PROJECT (May 2001 - May 2011).

(with pic basic compiler)

PIC18 Simulator IDE is powerful application that supplies Microchip microcontroller users with user-friendly graphical development environment for Windows with integrated simulator (emulator), pic basic compiler, assembler, disassembler and debugger. PIC18 Simulator IDE currently fully supports the following microcontrollers (MCUs) from the Microchip 8-bit PIC18 architecture product line (selected PIC18F models):
PIC18F242, PIC18F248, PIC18F252, PIC18F258, PIC18F442, PIC18F448, PIC18F452, PIC18F458, PIC18F1220, PIC18F1320, PIC18F2220, PIC18F2320, PIC18F2331, PIC18F2410, PIC18F2420, PIC18F2431, PIC18F2455, PIC18F2480, PIC18F2510, PIC18F2515, PIC18F2520, PIC18F2525, PIC18F2550, PIC18F2580, PIC18F2610, PIC18F2620, PIC18F4220, PIC18F4320, PIC18F4331, PIC18F4410, PIC18F4420, PIC18F4431, PIC18F4455, PIC18F4480, PIC18F4510, PIC18F4515, PIC18F4520, PIC18F4525, PIC18F4550, PIC18F4580, PIC18F4610, PIC18F4620, PIC18F6520, PIC18F6527, PIC18F6620, PIC18F6622, PIC18F6627, PIC18F6720, PIC18F6722, PIC18F8520, PIC18F8527, PIC18F8620, PIC18F8622, PIC18F8627, PIC18F8720, PIC18F8722.

Limited support is available for the following microcontrollers:
PIC18F1230, PIC18F1330, PIC18F2221, PIC18F2321, PIC18F2423, PIC18F2458, PIC18F2523, PIC18F2553, PIC18F2585, PIC18F2680, PIC18F2682, PIC18F2685, PIC18F4221, PIC18F4321, PIC18F4423, PIC18F4458, PIC18F4523, PIC18F4553, PIC18F4585, PIC18F4680, PIC18F4682, PIC18F4685, PIC18F6525, PIC18F6585, PIC18F6621, PIC18F6680, PIC18F8525, PIC18F8585, PIC18F8621, PIC18F8680, PIC18F24J10, PIC18F24J11, PIC18F24J50, PIC18F25J10, PIC18F25J11, PIC18F25J50, PIC18F26J11, PIC18F26J13, PIC18F26J50, PIC18F26J53, PIC18F27J13, PIC18F27J53, PIC18F44J10, PIC18F44J11, PIC18F44J50, PIC18F45J10, PIC18F45J11, PIC18F45J50, PIC18F46J11, PIC18F46J13, PIC18F46J50, PIC18F46J53, PIC18F47J13, PIC18F47J53, PIC18F63J11, PIC18F64J11, PIC18F65J11, PIC18F65J50, PIC18F65J94, PIC18F66J50, PIC18F66J55, PIC18F66J60, PIC18F66J65, PIC18F66J94, PIC18F66J99, PIC18F67J50, PIC18F67J60, PIC18F67J94, PIC18F83J11, PIC18F84J11, PIC18F85J11, PIC18F85J50, PIC18F86J50, PIC18F86J55, PIC18F86J60, PIC18F86J65, PIC18F86J72, PIC18F87J50, PIC18F87J60, PIC18F87J72, PIC18F96J60, PIC18F96J65, PIC18F97J60, PIC18F13K22, PIC18F13K50, PIC18F14K22, PIC18F14K50, PIC18F23K20, PIC18F23K22, PIC18F24K20, PIC18F24K22, PIC18F24K50, PIC18F25K20, PIC18F25K22, PIC18F25K50, PIC18F25K80, PIC18F26K20, PIC18F26K22, PIC18F26K80, PIC18F43K20, PIC18F43K22, PIC18F44K20, PIC18F44K22, PIC18F45K20, PIC18F45K22, PIC18F45K50, PIC18F45K80, PIC18F46K20, PIC18F46K22, PIC18F46K80, PIC18F65K22, PIC18F65K80, PIC18F65K90, PIC18F66K22, PIC18F66K80, PIC18F66K90, PIC18F67K22, PIC18F67K90, PIC18F85K22, PIC18F85K90, PIC18F86K22, PIC18F86K90, PIC18F87K22, PIC18F87K90.

Additional Microchip microcontrollers sharing the same architecture will be supported in the new releases.

You can direct further OshonSoft.com software development - quote microcontroller models you would like to see supported by OshonSoft.com software HERE


You are welcome to download the fully functional evaluation copy of the software on the downloads page. PIC18 Simulator IDE requires a license to operate after the evaluation period. Personal license for your home computer available for only €39. For more information please visit the licenses page. If you would like to see several original comments I received from the users of my IDE software, please visit the comments page.

PIC18 Simulator IDE main features:
- Main simulation interface showing internal microcontroller architecture,
- FLASH program memory editor, EEPROM data memory editor, hardware stack viewer,
- Microcontroller pinout interface for simulation of digital I/O and analog inputs,
- Variable simulation rate, simulation statistics,
- Breakpoints manager for code debugging with breakpoints support,
- PIC assembler, interactive assembler editor for beginners, PIC disassembler,
- Powerful PIC Basic compiler with smart Basic source editor,
- PIC Basic compiler features: three basic integer data types (1-bit, 1-byte, 2-byte), 4-byte (32-bit) long integer data type with 32-bit arithmetics, 4-byte (32-bit) single precision floating point data type with single precision math functions, arrays, string data type with extensive set of string related functions, all standard Basic language elements, support for structured language (procedures and functions), USB implementation support, Modbus master/slave implementation support, interfacing MMC/SD/SDSC/SDHC cards implementation (with FAT16 file system support and FAT32 file system support), high level language support for using internal EEPROM memory, using internal A/D converter module, using interrupts, serial communication using internal hardware UART, software UART implementation, I2C communication with external I2C devices, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication, interfacing character LCDs, interfacing graphical LCDs with 128x64 dot matrix, R/C servos, stepper motor control, 1-Wire devices, DS18S20, using internal PWM modules ...
- Configuration bits editor,
- PC's serial port terminal for communication with real devices connected to serial port,
- LCD module simulation interface for character LCD modules,
- Graphical LCD module simulation interface for 128x64 graphical LCD modules,
- Stepper motor phase simulation interface for stepper motor driving visualization,
- Simulation module for external I2C EEPROMs from 24C family,
- Hardware UART simulation interface,
- Software UART simulation interface for software implemented UART routines,
- Oscilloscope (with Zoom feature) and signal generator simulation tools,
- 7-segment LED displays simulation interface,
- DS18S20/DS18B20 digital thermometer simulation tool,
- Modbus simulation device tool (master/slave),
- Support for external simulation modules,
- Extensive program options, color themes, ...

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