Interfacing MMC/SD/SDSC/SDHC cards

This page contains basic information including the circuit and the basic program needed to test the MMC/SD/SDSC/SDHC cards interface implementation, that is a part of the Basic compiler special functions pack 1 add-on module, available for PIC18 Simulator IDE, PIC16 Simulator IDE, PIC Simulator IDE and AVR Simulator IDE applications from the IDEs suite.


Here is one of the simplest examples written in PIC Simulator IDE basic that still demonstrates all the functionality of the MMC/SD/SDSC/SDHC cards interface implementation. Its intended usage is to be programmed into the 16F876A chip that is used in the test circuit.

Interfacing MMC/SD/SDSC/SDHC cards test basic program:

Interfacing MMC/SD/SDSC/SDHC cards test schematics: