Important note for Linux users

Many software users reported that software packages could be successfully used under Wine.
Here is the link to the Wine project homepage.
And here is the comment I got from Mr. Jean-Francois Duhamel:
I would like to inform you, or better said, to confirm that your AVR, PIC, PIC18 and PIC10 simulator IDEs work fine under Wine 1.61, using Linux Mint 16 (64 bit). For other Linuxes flavor I do not know, but I think it should be the same. There was just a small difficulty as was missing MSVBM6, but it was easily solved using winetricks. Aplications store the files in the '/home/user_name/.wine/drive_c/users/user_name/Application Data/OshonSoft' folder.
It seems your compilers are the first basic compilers for these MCUs to work smoothly on Linux. (Bascom AVR also work, but is very slow under Linux).

Here is his review on the Wine website: software review.
Here is another confirmation I got from Mr. Rajiv Tyagi:
I use Ubuntu Linux 12.10 and can confirm that all OshonSoft software runs perfectly under Wine. Here are the instructions for the installation process:
1. Install Wine on Linux.
2. Right click on avrsimulatoridesetup.exe and select 'Open with Wine Program Loader'.
3. AVR Simulator IDE will install like any Windows program. Allow all default paths to be used.
4. Download msvbvm60.dll and copy it into the System32 Windows folder.
5. Click on the AVR Simulator IDE shortcut in Wine and enjoy!

And another confirmation I got from Mr. Roger Sanders:
All went well with installing all packages on my system, which is running the latest version of Manjaro Linux 64-bit (a fork of Arch Linux). They installed fine under WINE.