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20th Anniversary of the
(2001 - 2021)

Serial Port Monitor


Serial Port Monitor is an intuitive and easy to use application for the diagnostics of the activity on the serial port in the user-friendly graphical environment for Windows.

You are welcome to download the fully functional evaluation copy of the software on the downloads page. Serial Port Monitor requires a license to operate after the evaluation period. For more information please visit the licenses page.


Serial Port Monitor main features:
- Adjustable serial port and baud rate settings,
- Recording messages with the time stamps,
- Adjustable message timeout (the period between the previous message last character and the first character of the new message),
- Stopping and resuming serial port monitoring,
- Interface to define multiple message filter patterns (messages with bytes matching any of the defined filter patterns will not be displayed),
- Resizable and editable serial port output area,
- Interface to test receiving data on the serial port, ...

Serial Port Monitor screenshot: